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Kerrie Callaghan
Auckland CBD
Auckland City
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Hi, I'm Kerrie (Director of

I am based in Auckland Central and have a great portfolio of rental apartments. is a privately owned company and there are no commissions if you rent or sell your apartment on our website. We have been providing this service for well over a decade for people who have apartments for rent or for sale. We also encourage any Real Estate agent or Building Manager who would like some FREE advertising. In fact we are happy to have anyone on board that has anything to do with apartments as it helps us provide a better service to our customers.

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Every day hundreds of people are visiting this website looking for apartments so make sure yours is listed here. Normally a rental apartment will be snapped up in the first week of advertising! has been rated No.1 by major search engines for 'apartments' for more than a decade. Real estate companies list with us because they get results so why don't you?

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