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Photo of building - 508 on Queen St
508 on Queen St
508 Queen St
Auckland CBD
Auckland City

Ref No: IU1066
Close K Rd In Upper Queen St
more info Located on upper Queen St with all the Auckland city centre has to offer at your doorstep.
Photo of building - Alpha Apartments
Alpha Apartments
17 Vogel Lane
Cnr. Nelson St & Vogel Lane
Auckland CBD
Auckland City

Ref No: CM1028
Close Sky City, Queen St And Waterfront
more info The Alpha apartment building is centrally located on lower Nelson St.
Photo of building - Alpine Village
Alpine Village
633 Frankton Road

Ref No: PB1162
Resting On The Shores Of Lake Wakatipu
more info Brand new property in Queenstown, New Zealand - with stunning views across majestic Lake Wakatipu to The Remarkables Mountains.
Photo of building - Altitude Apartments
Altitude Apartments
34 Kingston St
Auckland CBD
Auckland City

Ref No: SB1029
Central Location On Lower Hobson St
more info Altitude is a modern apartment building in Auckland's CBD.
Photo of building - Alto Apartments
Alto Apartments
20-22 Telford Terrace
Oriental Bay
Central City
Wellington City

Ref No: BL1021
Upmarket Apartments - Oriental Bay
more info You'll discover Alto on Oriental Bay 's peaceful Telford Terrace.
Photo of building - Anchorage Apartments
Anchorage Apartments
Cnr. Salisbury Ave & Victoria Rd
Mt Maunganui
Mt Maunganui

Ref No: KL1071
Upmarket Apartment Accommodation
more info The Anchorage Apartments, Mount Maunganui's upmarket accommodation choice for those seeking stylish apartment accommodation in the sunny Bay of Plenty.
Photo of building - Apartments on the Waterfront
Apartments on the Waterfront
45 Beach Road

Ref No: UX1131
Self Catering Short Stay Apartments
more info Apartments on the Waterfront offers well appointed self-contained accommodation in a tranquil setting. Views of the Marlborough Sounds. Relax in the jacuzzi or have a swim in our salt water swimming pool
Photo of building - Argent Hall
Argent Hall
Eden Cres
Auckland CBD
Auckland City

Ref No: PJ1006
Quiet location In Historic Precinct
more info A quality residential apartment building in the older part of Auckland city.
Photo of building - Ascent Apartments
Ascent Apartments
149 Nelson St
Auckland CBD
Auckland City

Ref No: XQ1032
Close Proximity To Universities
more info Ascent apartments is situated at the top of Nelson St with easy access to the motorways.
Photo of building - Atrium Towers
Atrium Towers
154 The Terrace
Central City
Wellington City

Ref No: FR1153
Secure Central Location In Wellington
more info Atrium Towers is sutuated on the Terrace, one of Wellington's more prestigious locations.
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