Selling your apartment

Improve your photos

Potential buyers will make their decision on what they see in your photos! Make sure there isn't anything detrimental like last night's washing up or beds umade!

What Size Photos?
For this website your image size should be 400 x 300 pixels and in the .jpeg or .jpg format. Each image should be the same size so the slide show is seamless. Show your photos in sequence as if you were guiding them through your apartment in person.

Leave Something For The Imagination
Just show a portion of a room. After all, you want to leave something for the imagination. Sometimes it's the mystery of what you can't see that will intrigue buyers enough to make an appointment to view.

What Not To Photo?
Avoid taking photos of the microwave, toilet or front door unless they're very unique!

Watch Out For Dark Photos
Try not to show doorways and dark areas. Make sure there is lots of light and try to take photos on a sunny day.

Creating The Lifestyle
A bunch of flowers on an occasional table, white towels in the bathroom, a couple of teacups on a tray or wine glasses on the table, all help to sell the apartment lifestyle!

If you have a Vodafone or Telecom PXT-capable phone (a cellphone with a camera), you can use photos from your phone.

  1. Take some pictures with your phone.

  2. Email the pictures to yourself. This procedure varies depending on your phone, but usually you need to create a PXT message (sometimes known as an MMS or Multimedia Message), then enter your email address as the destination instead of a phone number.

  3. When you receive your photo by email, copy it to your desktop, then upload the photo to as usual.

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