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Fri, 01 Jun 2012

With one of the biggest technology launches this year, the Apple iPhone is set to become the next wave of mobile internet devices. At we know a lot of our customers are already using the iPhone or iPod touch, so we have been making a few tweaks to our website!

As there is no such thing as a "window" on the iPhone, the browser display is always at a fixed width of 320 x 480 pixels, which fills the iPhone's screen. When our web site loads on the iPhone, it shows up so that the entire page fills the screen - which means it's way too tiny to read.

So, to navigate the page, you can drag or flick your finger around the screen to move the page around. In order to actually make the content readable, you can use two fingers to pinch out to zoom in the page. Alternatively, if you double-tap on a particular object on the page, the iPhone will automatically zoom in on that object so that it fills the screen.

You can also rotate the iPhone sideways to display our website in landscape mode - this means that the window can alternate between 320 x 480 or 480 x 320 pixels, depending on the orientation of the phone. Single-tapping emulates clicking for links and buttons. We have also made some of our buttons a little bigger for you too :-)

If you ask someone at Apple what the most important aspect of the iPhone web browsing experience is, they'll tell you that it's double-tap. The ability to quickly zoom in on a particular object, have it grow to fit the full screen, and then be able to quickly zoom back out to see the whole page is what allows this new interface to work.

Just let your old mobile phone down gently!

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