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Apartment Buying Tips

Is there the perfect apartment out there for you? Probably not! However, there will be one that comes close to your expectations. You just got ...
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The 10 Best Apartment Selling Tips!

In all advertising and marketing remember that you are selling a lifestyle. People who buy apartments don’t want to spend time gardening. They may be ...
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The smart way to furnish an apartment

People are often surprised to find when they move to apartment living that none of their favourite furniture pieces fit or looks right in their ...
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Lim Report

Many apartment buyers get a LIM report before signing the deal. It contains all the information the council knows about the apartment. A LIM report ...
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How to stage your apartment for profit

Selling An apartment is a little like a romance. You need to set the scene! Most buyers have a hard time visualising how an empty ...
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Private Sales

Selling your apartment privately The main reason people sell their apartment privately is to save the Real Estate commission. People who have sold privately often ...
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How to write a killer advert

Firstly, write down all the key selling points before attemping to write your advert. Then, think of a good heading. Headings The heading is the ...
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Improve your photos

Potential buyers will make their decision on what they see in your photos! Make sure there isn’t anything detrimental like last night’s washing up or ...
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