Tourist Guide

New Zealand is one of the world’s least crowded countries, with a population of little more than four million. Comparable in size to Japan, Colorado or Great Britain, New Zealand has a temperate climate with relatively small seasonal variation, making it an ideal year-round holiday destination. Holiday Accommodation Get discounted holiday accommodation and book online┬áhere. […]

Renters Guide

Rental prices in New Zealand are normally quoted on a weekly basis (with the exception of short stay/holiday accommodation). A bond is taken and held by the Tenancy Tribunal (Government agency) until the end of the tenancy. Often you will pay one week’s rent in advance and three week’s bond to move in. So, if […]

Improve your photos

Potential buyers will make their decision on what they see in your photos! Make sure there isn’t anything detrimental like last night’s washing up or beds umade! Leave Something For The Imagination Just show a portion of a room. After all, you want to leave something for the imagination. Sometimes it’s the mystery of what […]

How to write a killer advert

Firstly, write down all the key selling points before attemping to write your advert. Then, think of a good heading. Headings The heading is the most important part of your advert. Spend some time here. Pick one or two key features of your apartment and create a short punchy heading. Headings that say ‘Renter’ or […]

Private Sales

Selling your apartment privately The main reason people sell their apartment privately is to save the Real Estate commission. People who have sold privately often say that no-one knows their property better than they do and that they are more likely to obtain the highest price. Some people like to deal directly with the purchaser […]

How to stage your apartment for profit

Selling An apartment is a little like a romance. You need to set the scene! Most buyers have a hard time visualising how an empty apartment would look furnished. If it’s messy or cluttered you can even turn potential buyers off! I want your lifestyle! It’s all about lifestyle so make your potential buyers fall […]

Lim Report

Many apartment buyers get a LIM report before signing the deal. It contains all the information the council knows about the apartment. A LIM report can show hidden problems. The Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act sets out what has to be in the LIM report as follows: Special features of the property, such […]

The smart way to furnish an apartment

People are often surprised to find when they move to apartment living that none of their favourite furniture pieces fit or looks right in their new space. Generally speaking any furniture over two metres won’t fit in an apartment lift! The trick to furnishing an apartment is getting your furniture custom-built and scaling down the […]

Selling Tips

In all advertising and marketing remember that you are selling a lifestyle. People who buy apartments don’t want to spend time gardening. They may be the sporty, active type or perhaps older people who don’t want the headaches of a large house. Here are ten tips to help you reach the right buyer, whether you […]

How to buy an apartment

I’m sorry to inform you that the perfect apartment doesn’t exist. In this knowledge I suggest you search for the best apartment in your price range. Make a list of what you desire and when you find the apartment that ticks 80% of the boxes – buy it without hesitation and enjoy the celebration! Before […]