Lim Report

Many apartment buyers get a LIM report before signing the deal. It contains all the information the council knows about the apartment. A LIM report can show hidden problems. The Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act sets out what has to be in the LIM report as follows: Special features of the property, such […]

The smart way to furnish an apartment

People are often surprised to find when they move to apartment living that none of their favourite furniture pieces fit or looks right in their new space. Generally speaking any furniture over two metres won’t fit in an apartment lift! The trick to furnishing an apartment is getting your furniture custom-built and scaling down the […]

How to buy an apartment

I’m sorry to inform you that the perfect apartment doesn’t exist. In this knowledge I suggest you search for the best apartment in your price range. Make a list of what you desire and when you find the apartment that ticks 80% of the boxes – buy it without hesitation and enjoy the celebration! Before […]