How to stage your apartment for profit

Selling An apartment is a little like a romance. You need to set the scene!

Most buyers have a hard time visualising how an empty apartment would look furnished. If it’s messy or cluttered you can even turn potential buyers off!

I want your lifestyle!
It’s all about lifestyle so make your potential buyers fall in love with your lifestyle. Remember open-homers often go back to their home of unwashed dishes and housework! Make sure your apartment shows them the lifestyle they dream of by staging your apartment!

Many people are under the misconception that staging is expensive but what some people don’t realise is that when they sell their apartment ‘as is’ or ‘un-staged’ it will not realise it’s true worth.

A little sprucing up and decluttering can make a huge difference to the final sale price.

If you apartment is in reasonable condition (not needing a paint or upgrade) start with removing any junk. Junk is anything that is not necessary. If it’s old throw it out!

Cleaning adds dollars!
Clean everything including kitchen, bathrooms, windows and balcony. Remove family photos, take everything off the fridge, and remove any personal items. Re-arrange rooms so they look spacious. Sometimes one sofa is better than two!

Staging is all about how a piece of furniture is placed in the room, the accessories, the paintings – creating the emotions.

Hire or buy the furniture you need as it will help to sell your apartment faster and for more money. Remember potential buyers don’t want to buy an ordinary lifestyle of washing, ironing or cleaning! Show them luxury living!

Creating that feeling!
Remember that time you stayed in a top hotel suite? Re-create that luxury feeling by dressing your beds in quality linen, place lamps and candles on tables. Dress bathrooms with new towels and designer soaps!

The kitchen is a big selling point.
Clear the kitchen of benchtop clutter. Put everything away and just have a bowl of fresh exotic fruit or a vase of fresh flowers.

Remember, by staging your apartment you will sell your apartment quicker and often for more money.

There are lots of staging companies that can help you achieve the best look for your apartment and well worth the investment if you don’t want to DIY.