How to write a killer advert

Firstly, write down all the key selling points before attemping to write your advert. Then, think of a good heading.

The heading is the most important part of your advert. Spend some time here. Pick one or two key features of your apartment and create a short punchy heading. Headings that say ‘Renter’ or ‘Apartment For Rent’ are not only stating the obvious but are unlikely to get clicked on.

Brief Details
After the heading comes the quick overview of your apartment. It’s a critical point where the viewer decides to read on or leave. All you need is a short sentence that basically engages the reader to want to click through and read more . .

Main Advert
Decision are made by what we read and see. So, make sure there isn’t anything detrimental like last night’s washing up or unmade beds in your photos! One full page of advertising is your luxury to convince your reader to take action.

The More You Tell – The More You Sell
People looking to rent or buy an apartment want information. What size is the apartment? Does it have a view? Is it in a nice part of town? Is it noisy? What’s the bodycorp and rates? The more you tell the more likely you are to get an enquiry. List all the positive things about your apartment. Tell people why you like it!

Photo Sizes
For your image size should be 400 x 300 pixels and in the .jpeg or .jpg format.

Call To Action
Often overlooked by advertisers. What’s the point of a great advert when you don’t have a call to action?

Keep tweaking your advert.
Change the heading, photos or wording to increase your replies. A good level of enquires is the outcome of a well written advert!