The 10 Best Apartment Selling Tips!

In all advertising and marketing remember that you are selling a lifestyle. People who buy apartments don’t want to spend time gardening. They may be the sporty, active type or perhaps older people who don’t want the headaches of a large house.

Here are ten tips to help you reach the right buyer, whether you use a real estate agent or are a private seller.

  1. Don’t spend a dollar of advertising money until the apartment is well presented! This is probably the most important tip of all!
  2. Preparation. Make a list of all the amenities of the apartment complex. Write down your apartment’s best features. Have all fees like bodycorp, rates etc on hand.
  3. Create an advertising flyer. These are useful for mail and post box drops.
  4. Write adverts highlighting the features of the apartment on a a small file card for noticeboards. Place these in supermarkets or food halls or anywhere that your potential buyer might view.
  5. Use catchy selling phrases such as ‘Minutes From Transportation,’ ‘Walk To Work’ and ‘Forget The Traffic’.
  6. Advertise in local papers. Use eye-catching phrases such as ‘No More Lawns,’ ‘Fabulous Pool & Gym,’ ‘Dream Apartment’ and ‘Enjoy Life In The City’.
  7. Tell the neighbours the apartment is for sale. Often they may have friends or work colleagues who could be a potential buyer.
  8. Don’t limit your market. An apartment is a good starter home for young couples who can’t afford a house. Great for single parents and friends who can’t buy separately. Don’t forget senior citizens too! Many are tired of the hassles associated with single-family residences but aren’t ready for a retirement home. Write different adverts to attract these different groups!
  9. List on property websites. You can’t sell a secret! Even if you are using a real estate agent it still pays to do some advertising yourself and point any potentials buyers towards your real estate agent.
  10. Monitor your advertising efforts and make sure it is working. Tweak your advertising and marketing and keep promoting your apartment. It ofen takes more than a few weeks to see any results.