The smart way to furnish an apartment

People are often surprised to find when they move to apartment living that none of their favourite furniture pieces fit or looks right in their new space. Generally speaking any furniture over two metres won’t fit in an apartment lift!

The trick to furnishing an apartment is getting your furniture custom-built and scaling down the size of major items like sofas, armchairs, tables, entertainment units etc. Custom-built furniture gives you the opportunity to design furniture around your possessions and the way you live.

Off the shelf items that work well in apartments are slat beds (under bed storage), sofa and wall beds and extention dining tables. Dual purpose furniture can be useful. An ottoman that contains a single bed or a coffee table that opens up for storage. Lots of furniture stores in New Zealand are starting to cater for the apartment market, and maybe one day we’ll have an IKEA (international furniture store) based somewhere in Auckland.

In apartments you often don’t have the luxury of a seperate laundry, so a built in ironing board in a kitchen cupboard can be very useful. Make the most of odd shaped walls by having custom-built cabinets to store or display smaller items like books and sculptures etc.

Use mirrors to gain the illusion of space and install mood lighting which is always very effective.

Custom-built furniture is certainly the smart way to furnish an apartment as it provides excellent storage and can really give an apartment a polished look.

I always remember the saying “quality remains long after a cheap price has been forgotten”. Nowdays, custom-built furniture is affordable and if you shop around you can often save money and have the look you desire.